Monday, 30 April 2012

New Project

When I started this blog I was thinking about cross-stitching and tapestry type stitching but I figure it takes me so long to do my sewing projects they can count as stitching too.
Eldest brought his wallet out of the safekeeping of his sock drawer and it got spilt everywhere so youngest scored some dough and I got $15 bucks out of it. Eldest eventually got upset. He didn't stop playing games when we told him it was a problem so blegh. Anyway, youngest now has some cash floating around his sock drawer so I decided to make them matching but different wallets with a monogram. Did some Googling and found Sewchristine's tutorial.  Went to Spotlight today and got some materials ($18).  I plan to have them two tone with a push stud fastener instead of velcro and no clippy strap thingo.  I plan to stitch the monogram with ribbon. That's going to be a challenge because it's not something I've done before and I may have to carefully calculate where it needs to go and do it first.

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