Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cat Door Stop

My youngest son loves animals. So when I decided to bite the bullet and make a door stop already so I don't have to use random crap to hold the door open we decided on a cat. I googled cat images. Cats are kinda lumpy bumpy and I really wanted to use a Milo tin to hold the dirt for weight. Not very lumpy bumpy. One of the images led me to Wee Folk Art where they had a stylistic cylindrical cat. So I used that as a jumping point.
I used suede type material coz it feels kinda furry without being too furry. Felt on the bottom coz it'll be a bit harder wearing (I hope). Wadding around the tin (so it's not so hard) covered by the material with polyfilling in the head cavity. Machine stitched the lines with thick thread on top normal thread on the bottom. Hand stitched the nose with embroidery thread.  I forgot to put the whiskers on. I was going to use fine fishing line knotted with a bead on the inside so they'd stick out like real whiskers but I got ahead of myself and only remembered after I'd finished sewing the bottom on... that's a lot to undo. I've got plenty of materials to make more... I just need to drink more Milo :P